Happy New Year

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Happy New Year to friends, family, and foes…some of which crossover sometimes! I seek God’s best for you in 2022. Every year is a new beginning, at least in how we humans think. There’s no eraser that comes on New Year’s Eve and takes away the joys, pains, heartaches, anxieties, victories, and defeats of the prior twelve months. New Year’s Day doesn’t arrive all squeaky clean. I look at it as a time to come up for air, as a swimmer must do, to replenish their oxygen before they go under again. Life is a long swim, sometimes in rough waters, so we need those moments to grasp a breath of fresh air, resolve ourselves to continue kicking and executing whatever stroke works best for us.  

Thank you to those who listened to the Introduction to the Pursuing Holiness Wholeheartedly Podcast. I’m encouraged because the response was the best I’ve had for the first episode of a podcast series. I’ve been podcasting on and off for over twenty years now, and I’m not afraid to try different formats and subjects. Some have been more successful than others as far as listenership is concerned, but I’ve learned a lot from each of them. That makes me happy. Please subscribe and listen to the new podcast. That will make me even happier! New episodes publish on Tuesdays.

When we talk about holiness, it is important to separate the process of holiness (sanctification) from the finished result. Believers get discouraged with their progress, or lack thereof, in being conformed to the image of Christ. Sometimes this has to do with denominational expectations that don’t match with the experience of Christian growth. We are told it has to be this way or that, but when our experience is that way or this, we doubt whether God is really working in our lives. Jesus had quite a conversation with Nicodemus in John 3 about how the Holy Spirit moves. The Holy Spirit is not bound by human mandates and expectations.

In next Tuesday’s (1-11-22) podcast we are going to explore some of the expectations about holiness we put on ourselves and the frustrations these cause us. I hope you will tune in as we look for ways of Pursuing Holiness wholeheartedly.


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