Putting it All Together

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Tell me if you can relate. You buy a home desk or some other small piece of furniture online. It arrives. You open it. You pull out all the pieces and screws and nuts and bolts and carefully set them in some kind of order. Then you unfold the “Assembly Instructions.” You soon realize as you begin to read the step-by-step information and nifty little illustrations that these were not written or printed in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. How do you know? The broken sentences are missing key English words that clarify particular facts for successfully assembling your piece of furniture…or swing set, or bicycle, etc. If you can overcome that first hurdle by rereading the instructions in your best Chinese accent and actually begin assembly, you hit your second hurdle. Holes drilled 1/16th of an inch off in several places on the same piece make inserting the screws, following the nifty little illustrations with broken English captions, on the same level as water torture. I speak from recent experience. It happened to me twice last year. An office chair and a desk.

What does this have to do with Pursuing Holiness Wholeheartedly? On the upcoming Tuesday’s episode (1/18/22), we are going to look at why holiness should not be like putting together foreign-made furniture with lousy instructions. Our holiness assembly instructions come from the Bible and are applicable in all cultures and languages. The Bible is clear and concise. The problem is, when it comes to holiness, we try to do it without reading the manual and heeding the instructions. I hope you will tune in as we look for ways of Pursuing Holiness wholeheartedly.

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