Getting to Know You

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I have several friends I love to be around because in every conversation we reveal a little more about ourselves. It really does not matter what subjects we are going on about because self-revelation unmasks itself in whatever comes out of our mouths. It happens because we trust each other and can be vulnerable.

Of course, we can always tell what is of utmost importance to us at the time. The volume goes up, the excitement flows over, and the emotions come out as our hearts and words project the immediacy of our thoughts.

As the coffee at the kitchen table, the coffee shop, or the local diner continues to be refilled, a comradery is established that enables us to communicate in a way we are both better people for doing. We may not agree on all points put out for debate that day, but friendship is not always built on mere agreement. In fact, sometimes the diversity of opinions and beliefs are the things that draw us closer because we both know that despite our own way of looking at things, there will be more coffee to drink, more tales to tell, and a deeper revealing the next time we get together.

On Tuesday’s (2/8/22) Pursuing Holiness Wholeheartedly Podcast, we will be discussing What God Says When It Comes to Holiness.

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