What Painting and Holiness Have in Common

Photo by Greta Hoffman on Pexels.com

Back about twenty years ago I was very involved in making art. Photography, acrylics and oil painting, and landscape design (art and science) were a regular part of my life. For the past fourteen years, I have done very little in those realms. A chance landscape design job earlier this year reopened something within me, and I have been enjoying art again in a greater way.

Because of my battle with fibromyalgia and other health issues which limit my energy, I spend a lot of time at home. I continue to look to God as my healer and have been able to push past some of the fatigue and become a bit more active. I have found my renewed interest in art very therapeutic, and I have added to my mediums. I have been using colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolors, alcohol and watercolor markers, and have plans to try collage soon.

In reacquainting myself with color theory, I was working on a watercolor study last night when the Holy Spirit quickened a principle to me about His workings in our lives. I began this small piece with outlining in watercolor pencil, went to watercolors, back to watercolor pencils, and added some transparent watercolors at the end. In the process of adding and blending, the finished piece looked nothing like its humble beginnings. The finished painting was layered and blended with many different colors not noticeable to the viewer.

The processes of God in sanctifying His people are full of layers where He has added, blended, and sometimes removed the colors that make us who we are. The masterpieces God creates with each of our lives look nothing like the humble beginnings He had to work with. We change over time, but few know the intricacies of what has happened to bring us to this specific point in our growth and maturity. Dark times of uncertainty have as much effect as light times of faith and power.  Hues and tints have as much weight as the various colors themselves.

My hope is that we can look at other believers on the road to holiness as we look at ourselves. We are all works in progress that will eventually be framed in God’s grace in the galleries of heaven.

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