Character Development

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman

I am currently writing my first novel. It may end up a novelette, or even a long short story. I don’t know yet because I’ve just started. A couple of friends and I started a writer’s group. Both have written fiction, one has published, and another is on the way.

I have always written non-fiction. Religious non-fiction. Christian religious non-fiction. Sure, a little commentary in between the Bible verses, but centered on Biblical themes. It is a narrow niche in the vast wall of Christian literature.

But my friends, God bless them, have encouraged (or is that insisted?) me to expand my writing imagination and create a fiction story. It actually has been quite satisfying. As the photo shows, I’ve also taken on the persona of the mysterious, half-mad, unkept, novelist.

The fun part is character development. That’s taking made-up persons, just skeletons, and adding flesh, blood, feelings, heartaches, triumphs, actions, reactions, world view, and a host of other things that make those piles of bones personable. Maybe not liked, but nevertheless, relatable.

Of course, the revelation of who and what the characters are must be a progression that rides beside the other story elements of plot and setting. Progressive revelation keeps readers wondering and engaged.

On Tuesday’s (3/1/22) Pursuing Holiness Wholeheartedly Podcast, we will be looking at The Self-Revelation of God. That is, how God reveals Himself progressively in the story of Redemption. The great thing about God is, although He is at times mysterious, He leaves the half-mad and unkept for us humans.

Please join me on Anchor, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms, YouTube, and here on the website. Wherever you listen, please subscribe.

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